Tuesday 23 April 2013

W is for Writing and Wine

It’s almost a cliché that writing and wine go together. I hear many writers talk about how they sit in front of their PC, glass of wine in hand; I feel very chick-lit when I do it myself. But you know, it does actually work. For me, anyway.

Admittedly wine isn’t always my drink of choice. You’ll often find me with a can of cider or a homemade Mojito. But yes, I find wine a great aid to writing. Specifically, it aids the flow. We all wrestle with our inner censor (no good if you’re an erotica writer) or inner editor; we all have the temptation to sit and fiddle with a sentence rather than just get on with it.

And wine helps.

I’m not a connoisseur, but I know what I like. I love a good Sauvignon Blanc, Torrontes or Vinho Verde. Occasionally I’ll be in the mood for a light red or a Pinot Grigio blush. And let’s not forget the plum wine I get from my local Chinese supermarket.

To the writers out there, what do you like to drink to get you into the flow?
And to the non-writers, what do you like to drink? 

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