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Tuesday 22 August 2023

Three fun facts about myself

 I liked this topic from Long and Short Reviews. I've often played "Two Truths, One Lie" during icebreakers, so I had a couple of facts to fall back on.

I had dinner with an actor from "Hollyoaks". It wasn't a date - it was for my brother-in-law's girlfriend's birthday dinner, and he was friends with my brother-in-law. I won't say who it was, but he was completely different from his character (he played the local comic relief, whereas in person he was very much the ladies' man) and he managed to get us into the VIP room of a nightclub afterwards.

I was on an episode of The Chase. We didn't win, but I did bring four thousand pounds back to the table after my Cash Builder. Our chaser was Anne, and while many people have asked me what Bradley Walsh was like off-screen, I can honestly say I don't know since he had his game face on from the moment he walked on set.

Until I was 21, I had taken off in a plane but never landed in one. I used to skydive between the ages of 18 and 21, but had never been on a foreign holiday so had never been up in a plane that wasn't designed to jump out of it. I eventually went on my first proper holiday after I finished my Masters, and exited that plane by the normal method.

I'm very interested to see what everyone else is going to come up with!

Monday 14 August 2023

When I Look In The Mirror blog tour!

 I'm now touring for my new release "When I Look In The Mirror" and I'm giving away a $10 Amazon gift card to one lucky commenter, so please stop by!

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A documentary I liked

 I had to think a moment for this topic by Long and Short Reviews. I haven't watched many documentaries lately, I have to admit. However, I did remember one which stood out for me.


For those who haven't seen it, this is the one which is a searing indictment of SeaWorld's treatment of its orcas, and the multiple deaths caused by orcas in their care. 

While it makes for uncomfortable viewing at times - particularly the section where a young Spanish-speaking woman is in tears describing the death of her fiance - I'm glad I watched it, because I've been to these sorts of shows before and, at the time, enjoyed them. I daresay I would have enjoyed going to a SeaWorld show had I not seen this film and discovered how terribly the orcas are treated.

It's definitely worth watching, but will probably make you cringe.

So which documentaries have you liked?

Monday 7 August 2023

The strangest dream I've had recently

 This topic from Long and Short Reviews was an interesting one. I often have very vivid dreams and keep a notebook beside the bed so I can write any good ones down, as I've often used them to inspire my writing. My novel "Photograph" was inspired by one dream, and "The Hand He Dealt" by another.

That said, I haven't had any good ones lately, so instead I'll tell you about the one that inspired my upcoming new entry in the "Rock My World" series, "Get Out Of Here".

In the dream I was at a motorway service station. From what little I remember about the layout, it was probably Woolley Edge (which will mean nothing to those who don't drive down the M1). As I walked out of the services back towards my car I was stopped by a group of men who made it clear they wanted to abduct me.

Just as I started to panic, a voice behind me said "Hey! Stop bothering my fiancee!" I turned round to see an attractive man standing behind me, someone I had never seen before but who had obviously decided to step in and save me. It worked, too, because the men all disappeared, at which point I woke up.

That was definitely one to write down, and it inspired the opening of "Get Out Of Here", which is due out in February 2024.

So what strange dreams have you had lately?