Thursday 18 April 2013

R is for Rock Music

I’ve mentioned previously that music is one of my inspirations. More specifically, rock music is one of my favourite things to run alongside my writing.

For one thing, I find rock ballads to be much more emotional than standard ones. Jon Bon Jovi singing “Always”, Queen’s “Somebody to Love”, almost anything by Meat Loaf. The degree of passion and emotion in rock is far greater than some of the anodyne junk in the charts (even if I do have a strange and regrettable liking for “Call Me Maybe”).

I also find rock works much better as a soundtrack to sex scenes. “Don’t Stop Me Now” was always a good one. I also once saw a supporting band (whose name I wish I could remember) whose songs had titles such as “It Won’t Suck Itself” and one song with the classic line “My heart belongs to you, but my cock is community property”. Gotta love them.

And hearing rock music live is one of my favourite things in the world. I’ve seen almost all my favourite bands live at some point, and every one of them turned in a spectacular show (with the exception of one famous group who shall remain nameless but nearly put me to sleep). In my experience it’s impossible to see a great band live and not have your entire body and soul involved in the experience – which is an inspiration in itself.

Excuse me now, I’ve got tickets to buy…

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