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Sunday 9 September 2012

Welcome, S. Dora!

Today I'm hosting S.Dora, so enjoy!

Let me start with thanking Tanith for her warm welcome!

You don’t have to read a lot of romance novels to discover that new love is a big theme in this genre. Two strangers meet and something happens… and whatever that something is, confusion and misunderstandings are sure to follow, but we know love will find its way and at the end the strangers have become committed partners for life.
But what if the main characters in a romantic story are already together? What if the misunderstandings have been dealt with before the story even starts? And we don’t want to throw murder and heartbreak at them?
Simple. We introduce something that is new to the lovers. Something that surprises them, that makes them look in a different way at each other and at themselves as a couple.
Something like BDSM.
Because no matter how good we think we know our own sexual preferences and, hopefully, those of our partner, life can have some neat surprises in store. And with neat I don’t necessarily mean easy and without any form of conflict, but the start of an adventure that, with a bit of luck, will have its happy end.
In the Calling the Shots series that’s exactly what happens to Isaac when an afternoon of sexy fun with a kinky touch becomes the start of some very fundamental changes between him and his younger lover Tom.
Isaac has no longer even the pretence of youth and perhaps he’s become a bit set in his ways. Tom is his big adventure, even though Tom really had to work to convince Isaac that being together would be a very good thing for both of them. Mild-mannered, slightly passive Isaac discovers the thrill of being the Dominant to his lover’s submission.
In the first part of Calling the Shots, Facing the Truth, we see the moment of discovery, when Isaac realises he wants to explore BDSM with Tom.
Now part two, The Right Direction, is available, and Isaac and Tom have their first full weekend of staying in their roles as Dominant and submissive. And, as to be expected, things are not without its complications…

A short excerpt:

Isaac had been slightly worried that the package of toys he had ordered from the online adult store would not get there in time, but on Thursday afternoon, right after he returned from work, the doorbell rang and the postman handed it to him.
He walked straight to the bedroom, with Tom in his wake. “Can I take a peek?”
Tom pouted. “Not even if I wear my collar? You know, do a trial run?”
“Again, no.” Isaac managed to sound stern, but only just.
“Okay, I get the message. I’ll make supper.” Tom gave in. “It’s not like you can hide it from me, anyway. If I really want to know what’s in that package, I will find it.” He must have seen the look of disappointment on Isaac’s face, because he hastened to say, “That’s not what I meant. You can put everything in the toy drawer and I give you my promise not to peek unless you tell me to. Though if you’ve bought as many toys as I think you have, there won’t be enough space in one drawer, so you might want to use the other one as well.”
Isaac kissed him. “Thanks for being a good sport. What are we having for supper?”
Tom winked. “That’s for me to know and for you to find out.”
Before Isaac could react, his lover was gone. He laughed for a moment, then stared at the box wrapped in brown paper and went very quiet. This was what he had ordered and paid for. He had masturbated thinking about how he was going to use his purchases on his sub. While it was for fun and spicing up sex, he couldn’t help but think it had become so much more. They hadn’t needed any formal rituals to use a cock ring or a string of anal beads, yet Tom had knelt at his feet, called him Sir and had looked so full of joy when Isaac had given him his collar.

Thursday 6 September 2012

Hosting Em Petrova - Crazy For Love

Today I'm hosting the fabulous Em Petrova and her new release "Wild Wild Hearts". Take it away, Em!


What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done for love? Have you ever taken a risk to show your interest in a special person? Or have you thrown away all common sense just to show that person that you care? Here are some fun stories about pulling out all the stops. Enjoy!

One woman in Pittsburgh joined a winter football team just to get closer to one hunky player. I mean, that’s dedication! Have you ever braved a Pennsylvania winter? It’s damn near impossible NOT to layer up in down puffer jackets, and we all know that no one looks good in a down puffer jacket!

A woman in Kansas City changed religions for the man she loved. Her fiancé was Mormon and his condition to marry was that she must convert. After some thought, she realized that converting was one small detail when it came to the decision to spend her life with the man she loved! Can I get a big AWWWWW?

Here’s a bad story—anyone ever tattoo a lover’s name on your body? A lot of people take the inky plunge, believing their love to be everlasting. Luckily, a lot of tattoo artists can cover over old tattoos with new pieces. So you can turn “Johnny” into some amazing floral design.

When you’re crazy for someone, would you hop a bus in the inner city, possibly risking your life to see him? Or would you fly around the world just to spend two days with the man of your dreams? One amazing man took his important lady to the airport and spontaneously whipped out his credit card to buy a ticket to accompany her. Talk about knowing the way to a woman’s heart—she took one look at that card and fell for him, right? LOL.

What have you done for love? I’d love to hear some stories! And I’ll leave you with a short excerpt from my latest release, a historical ménage a trois called WILD WILD HEARTS. Enjoy!

Blurb: Lady Sofia is one of the most sought-after women on the frontier. But her “boss” calls the shots from what she may eat to who she spends the night with. Recently he’s asked too much when he demands she and her long-time lover Isaac use their charms to seduce a man she wants to tangle limbs with all too much.

With Sofia, Isaac Strong is part of a two-for-one deal known as the “Jade Pair” for the color of their eyes. When the rugged Nolan Hollis walks into their lives, Isaac’s yearnings kick like a wild stallion. But will the honorable man want anything to do with them, especially once he discovers the Jade Pair’s mission is to steal a prized object from the Hollis family?

Nolan must have the stunning saloon girl, even if it means she comes packaged with Isaac. Soon Nolan is equally as drawn to the quiet and handsome man. While he struggles not to lose his heart to his lovers from the wrong side of humanity, he works to hide his rendezvous from his family. But soon Nolan realizes his lovers intend to do more than get him into bed and steal his love.

“Your action, sir.” Sofia hung over the railroad executive’s shoulder, making sure her bodice dipped low. The movement left nothing to the man’s imagination as she pointed to his poker hand.
His gray mustache twitched. He followed the seam of her cleavage, able to see quite a bit considering the top of her dress dipped dangerously close to her nipples. One wrong move and she’d be exposed to everyone in the saloon.
Including the Hollis boy across the room.
Sofia flicked her gaze up, stopping just short of meeting his. He was looking at her—that was enough for now. She wasn’t certain she should be carousing with a man like him anyway.
He’d been nursing the same whiskey all night but continued to watch her, his dark hat tugged lower with every hour that passed.
Just like her bodice.
She didn’t know why she was purposely tempting him. For a price, she’d go upstairs with any man, together with her lover, Isaac.
They were a team known as the Jade Pair for the color of their eyes. Hers were a deeper, more emerald green, while Isaac’s were a bright jade. But their boss believed the term to be exotic and enticing, drumming up more business.
With Hollis’s warm gaze on her, she almost wished she wasn’t in this profession of entertaining men. Hollis had “morality” written all over him. Yes, he was definitely the come-courting kind. Well, she wasn’t in that market—her train had pulled out long ago.
The railroad executive, his name still unknown to her, spread some cards out on the table, and a gasp ran from one player to the next when they spotted his four-of-a-kind.
“I’m out.” One man tossed his cards into the center of the table with a growl of disgust. Another withdrew a wad of cash from his vest pocket and peeled off some bills, which he handed to the railroad man to cover his losses.
Isaac made a sharp movement, and Sofia looked up. Their gazes met. No words were needed. He glanced to the side and caught the boss, Hiram Marshall, watching. Hiram was waiting for Sofia to make her move.
Her unladylike thought was tamer than it might have been. How she hated being under Hiram’s thumb and pinned down by his ever-watchful gaze. That he was waiting for her to gain the tycoon’s cooperation so that wad of cash could cross into Hiram’s hands was evident.
If the railroad man took her and Isaac to bed, they’d line Hiram’s pocket and provide enough cash for them to eat and bathe for a week.
Carefully, she lifted her gaze to the far wall again. A slice of want ripped through her as she met Hollis’s intense stare. She didn’t even know which Hollis he was—there were so many.
The man was pure, walking lust. Dark denims that were stiff on every other cowboy actually molded to his chiseled thighs, and his quality leather boots gleamed in the lantern lights. Nothing compared to his face. If angels truly fell, she could say she saw one in the flesh.
His dark gaze burned from beneath the brim of his hat and caused a throb deep in her core.
A jolt of surprise captured her. When had she last felt that desire? Though she slept with many men every week, she’d only ever experienced this wanting once before—with Isaac.
Her sex ached, pooling with moisture. She shifted, and her skirts rustled. Beneath her lacy petticoats, she was slick and bare—every bit of hair bladed from her pussy.
Was Hollis a hungering man? From the way his hard lips pulled tight over his teeth in a snarl when the railroad man skimmed her jaw with his forefinger, she thought so. Hollis set his glass down with a clink that sounded all the way across the noisy saloon.
“Careful, Sofia,” Isaac murmured in her ear.
The threads of the web tightened. Suddenly, she was caught between Hiram, the railroad man, Isaac, and Hollis. Yessir, she was throwing Hollis into the mix. If he was a hungering man, she was a betting woman.
“Would you like to follow my man and me upstairs?” she asked the tycoon but kept her gaze fixed on Hollis.
The cowboy brought his boot off its resting place across his knee, and the heel hit the floor.
“Why yes, ma’am, that sounds right nice.” The railroad man clutched the bills he’d just won and turned to her with a fevered light in his eyes. When he reached for her, Hiram plucked the money from his hand. At the same moment, Hollis shoved his chair back with such swiftness, it tipped over, sounding like a shot.
At the sound of the crash, the piano music came to an abrupt stop. Isaac clamped his hand on Sofia’s shoulder, almost bruising her. But she knew if events escalated into a fight and guns were drawn, he would have her out of here and to safety within moments.
“I’ll raise you.” Hollis’s voice was deep and rough, like he chewed nails and swallowed them for breakfast. It also sent a dark heat threading low through Sofia’s belly. The fire took up residence between her thighs, and she squeezed them together to ease it.
Hiram stepped up to Hollis. He was a full head shorter than the cowboy and lacking in muscle. But he was used to dealing with hard men and knew how to get what he wanted. At that moment, he wanted more money.
Isaac’s grip on her shoulder tightened painfully. She swung her gaze to him and spotted the glint in his eyes. Yes, it said. He wanted this—wanted Hollis.
Lust pounded through her core. In the two years she and Isaac had been together and loved each other, she’d never seen the flames of need in him for another man. Sure, he gave his body to them willingly enough, but Hollis was different.
For them both. Before she had a chance to wonder why, Hollis crowded close.
“This is a rather large chunk of money, sir. I’m not certain you would have—” Hiram bit off his words as Hollis laid a thick stack of cash on the table.
A shiver that was almost pride coursed down Sofia’s spine. Isaac blew out a breath.
Rotating, Hiram faced the railroad man. “Will you counteroffer?”
The man stared for a long moment at Hollis. The cowboy braced his legs wide and hooked a thumb in his front pocket, appearing nonchalant and menacing at once. The pose said he had money to up the stakes, but he wasn’t going to need it.
Sofia sank her teeth into her lower lip. Hollis’s gaze latched on to her mouth and held.
Finally, the tycoon shook his head. “Nope. Other women in these parts to be had. I won’t separate myself from more money.” He held out his hand, and Hiram placed his winnings in his palm.
“Sofia, Isaac, you’ve got yourself a gentleman for the evening. Take good care of him.” Hiram greedily stuffed the wad of money into his vest pocket and hightailed it out of the saloon. His work was done, and now he’d be off to his bed like the lazy sloth he truly was. A man who worked not at all but lived off other people’s “talents.”
“I thank you, sir, for such a gracious offer,” Sofia whispered, the words not laced with her usual syrupy sweetness. Isaac heard her breathlessness and inched closer, putting one arm around her waist.
Hollis nodded, then glanced upward. “Shall we go upstairs?”
White heat scorched her sex. Her nipples pebbled. “By all means.”
As she followed Hollis’s thickly muscled body up the short flight of wooden stairs, Sofia’s heart galloped out of control. Certainly a man like him would know his way around a woman’s body as well as he knew how to rope a stallion.

Em Petrova
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