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Sunday, 7 April 2013

G is for Gastronomy

One of my favourite ways to develop characters is to show what they like to eat.

Personally, I love to try new foods, even when it turns out badly (frogs' legs, for instance - ugh). In restaurants I will be the one ordering the squid-ink bread or the kangaroo steak. I will be that friend who calls saying "There's a new Russian restaurant just opened - want to go?" (I love pierogi - can't find a decent place that does them.)

My characters are sometimes like me, sometimes not. I had one character, Sasha, who was a quirky little sweetheart, eating fluffernutters as a snack. I looked those up specifically and think they sound ghastly, but then I don't like marshmallows or peanut butter and the thought of something that sweet makes me want to faint.

Sometimes I'll have a character eating things I personally hate just to be contrary.

Sometimes I'll use it to demonstrate a family background - French grandmother? Cook oeufs en meurette for lunch. Or maybe an Italian ex who taught her how to make lemon tiramisu. Now that's an ex I wouldn't mind having.

Oh, how I love using food in my writing. Only trouble is that it makes me hungry. So I'm off - I've got a croque-madame under the grill.

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