Monday 26 September 2022

Using the library versus buying books

 I really wish I had a different answer for this topic from Long and Short Reviews, because as a child I was always in the library and still consider it a worthwhile thing to have in a city.

But I have to admit, while I own a library card, I haven't been to a library in years. I always have new books lined up on my Kindle and download more samples all the time, so I am definitely in the camp of buying books rather than borrowing them.

I don't even get any royalties from people borrowing mine, because most libraries wouldn't dream of stocking the sort of thing I write (unless it's written by E. L. James, who seems to have a pass). So I'm ashamed to admit I tend to forget libraries are there these days.

Speaking of my own writing, I have a new cover to reveal...

He dominates the charts, but can he dominate her heart?

Pop-rock singer Tamsin Keller likes to dominate, but when she breaks up with her cheating ex-boyfriend, she visits BDSM club Dante’s for another reason—to submit.

Her experience is heightened when she locks eyes with a mysterious stranger, who turns out to be rock star and Dominant Aspen LaRoche. Fascinated by Tamsin, he invites her to his holiday home for the weekend and Tamsin accepts, hoping to discover more about her submissive side.

Aspen proves to be an expert tutor, and Tamsin finds herself addicted to the pleasures he shows her. When Aspen also discovers she is a singer, he offers her band an audition with his recording company, and Tamsin jumps at the chance, knowing he can provide opportunities that she has never had before.

But when Tamsin’s jealous ex reappears in her life, will Tamsin’s career and happiness be over, or will this be the start of something for both her and Aspen?

"The Start of Something" is out on December 27th and I'm looking forward to it already.

So do you prefer buying books or using the library?

Monday 12 September 2022

What makes you pick up or buy a book?

 I had to think about this topic from Long and Short Reviews, because a lot of the time I have books by my favourite authors on pre-order, so it can be quite rare that I'll choose a book from someone I haven't read before. I also get lists of new releases from Goodreads, so I'll use those to check out possible new reads, but what about them makes me pick up a book?

If a book is a historical, the period in history might get me interested. I often enjoy books set at royal courts, but I'm also into American history so that would draw my attention. I also love stories set in schools or universities, so that would probably get me to at least download the sample.

And of course, there's the title.

I admit I'm a sucker for a good title. I read "Here Be Sexist Vampires" and "Stacy's Dad Has Got It Going On" purely because I found the titles irresistible. As a writer I know it's very important to pick one that grabs the reader, and I always work hard to make sure I pick the perfect one for my own writing.

So what makes you pick up or buy a book?

Monday 5 September 2022

A plotline you love to read or watch and why

 After the topic from last week, this one was a little more difficult. There are very few plotlines I won't at least try, so which are my favourites? Hard to say.

I do know that I've always loved stories in school settings, but I have one preference there - I would rather read about the cool kids. Obviously there is still going to be conflict and that's fine, but speaking as someone who was the nerdy introvert in school, I don't particularly want to live through that again when I'm reading. There was a film I saw last year, "Seance", which handled the cool kids dealing with a ghost in a boarding school, and it was exactly what I was looking for.

And the other point is probably obvious for a romance writer like me - I want a happy ending. Nicholas Sparks is great if you like that kind of thing, but I don't want to read a love story where one or both end up dead. I want them to walk off into the sunset together, and I can promise they'll always do that in my writing.

So what plotlines do you love to read or watch?