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Wednesday 28 August 2013

Meet the Billionaires Blog Hop - Winners!

Thanks to everyone for their comments - I can now announce the winners.

First prize of a $50 gift card goes to Beth Carter. Congratulations Beth - Lisabet Sarai will be in touch.

Second prize of an ebook from each one of the authors goes to Natasha. Well done Natasha - I'll have your ebook over to you ASAP.
And just because I'm happy about it, here's a link to the latest great review of "Tied to the Billionaire".

Friday 16 August 2013

Meet the Billionaires Blog Hop - Interview with the Billionaire

Today, as part of the Billionaire babes' promotion for Tied to the Billionaire, I'm interviewing my hot dominant Will Vandenmeer - if he'll let me, of course...

So, Will Vandenmeer - we've been hearing a lot lately about young, wealthy dominants. What makes you stand out?
I have no interest in “standing out” in a crowd – I’m me, and I don’t give a fuck about any other dominant. But if you want to know what draws people to me, and why the paparazzi love my face – it’s because they’ve never seen a hot young guy fronting a casino business while also running a BDSM club in New York City, and they can’t resist trying to find out more.

I'm sure you have experience in many BDSM-related activities - which would you say is your favourite?
You’re right, I do (grin). But my favourite would have to be good old-fashioned spanking. It reinforces the relationship between dominant and submissive while also being highly erotic for both. I’ve never had a sub who didn’t enjoy being disciplined by me.

What could a submissive expect from you as a dominant?
Strength, imagination and absolute control, both of our games and of myself. Any sub who plays with me can be sure that I’ll never let her fall, but she has to be ready for anything. Anything.

So far you haven't taken any submissives on long-term. What would make you take a permanent submissive?

To take on a permanent sub, I would have to feel a real connection – someone I could have a relationship with outside of the scenes. Someone who could submit to me in bed but be my equal in life… She’d have to be pretty damn special. 

Tied to the Billionaire is now available from Total-e-Bound:

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Over the next week, you'll have the opportunity to get to know our heroes through exclusive interviews at each of our blogs. We invite you to read, comment (and drool...!) One lucky person who comments will win a $50 bookstore gift certificate. Another will get a six-pack of ebooks by the anthology authors. We'll draw the winners on the 24th of August, so you can take your time getting to know our dreamy Doms.

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