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Monday 29 March 2021

TV Shows I binge watch

 I had to twist this topic from Long and Short Reviews a bit, because I don't generally binge watch shows. My husband does - he likes to watch "The Expanse" while I'm working, since he finishes before I do. But I tend to watch things I've recorded, nothing that I could watch in large doses.

So what have I been watching recently?

We recently got a subscription to Disney Plus, so we've been watching shows on there. As well as the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe in timeline order, we watched "The Mandalorian" (loved the ending to the last series), "WandaVision", and are now watching "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier". I admit I'm not enjoying that last one as much as "WandaVision", but I've always been a fan of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany, and it has only been two episodes of "The Falcon and the Winter Soldier" so far, so it may get better.

So what do you binge watch?

Tuesday 23 March 2021

What my last meal would be

 This topic from Long and Short Reviews was a tough one. I have a fairly wide-ranging palate and my favourite foods can vary from week to week, so trying to come up with one dish - or three, if you allow for a three-course meal - was hard work. I can like something one week and be bored with it the next.

For the starter, I think I'd go for burrata. For those not in the know, it's mozzarella cheese mixed with cream. I discovered this at a local Italian restaurant since I love mozzarella, so this is the perfect way to begin a meal.

I'd follow this with a roast dinner of some description. I've recently been hankering after roast pork with crackling, so I'd probably go for that, along with roast potatoes, carrots and green beans. You can't beat a decent roast.

And finally - cheesecake. I love almost all types of cheesecake but my favourite is lime, which unfortunately is impossible to find anywhere at the moment.

So what would your last meal be?

Monday 15 March 2021

My theme song

 I had to laugh when this topic came up at Long and Short Reviews, because this is pretty much how I work when I write - a lot of scenes are written with music in mind. Unfortunately we're not allowed to quote lyrics and just using song titles doesn't always cut it, as not everyone will know why "Break Me Shake Me" would make a good background track to this sex scene. I've often wanted to include a flash drive or CD with every book and tell readers to play track X for scene Y.

I have also embarrassed my husband a few times by singing along to music in public. I can get away with this a bit more at the moment because I'm wearing a mask, so he doesn't always notice I'm doing it. I can still remember the time I found myself doing a duet of "Blurred Lines" with a random stranger in Asda, or the lunch break last year when everyone in Greggs was singing along to "Love Yourself".

But what would be my theme song?

I actually came up with this last year, before it was mandatory to wear masks in supermarkets. I had gone shopping wearing a mask and found myself surrounded by shoppers wandering around maskless, ignoring the arrows on the aisles - and, appropriately, playing on the radio was Chesney Hawkes' "The One and Only". Yes, I really was. And I think it works for most of my life - we all are, after all, the one and only.

So what would be your theme song?

Monday 8 March 2021

Best non-book gifts for readers

 The first thought that came into my mind when I read this topic from Long and Short Reviews was a Kindle - however, I'm not sure whether that fits the spirit of it. An ebook reader isn't technically a book, I suppose, so that would be first on my list. I wouldn't be without my Kindle.

The second possibility is a reading light. My husband has one that clips to the headboard so he can read in bed without keeping me awake. Considering he often reads when he can't sleep, it's a real marriage-saver.

Thirdly - well, it's always nice to have drinks to hand while you read, so I have two options. For my non-drinking friends, a large mug for tea or coffee (or indeed hot chocolate, if you're like me and don't like either). And if you feel like something stronger, a bottle of Torrontes wine (trust me on this, it's stunning) or one of the cocktail packs our local restaurants are doing at the moment. 

There's nothing quite like reading your favourite book with a glass of wine or a Mojito to hand.

So what are your best non-book ideas for readers?

Monday 1 March 2021

My greatest weakness

 Okay, so we went from greatest strength to greatest weakness in the Long and Short Reviews list of topics. If I was a superhero, I'd probably refuse to answer. However, I don't have any kryptonite-level weaknesses lurking, so I'll have to come up with something a bit more realistic.

My husband would probably say my weakness is an inability to see mess. He notices every misplaced item, while I can walk straight past it - and this happens a lot, because our cats have a habit of carrying things around the house, so I'll walk into the living room and find the teatowel and washing up sponge lying in the middle of the floor. As long as we're not living in filth I don't really mind misplaced stuff, which is just as well given these two animals.

The other weakness is probably insecurity. I am never happy with the work I do, even when other people are happy with it. This, I think, is just part of being a writer - we nitpick our own work and then pass it to editors who nitpick it even further. I suppose it can be healthy to want to make things better as long as I don't get too obsessed with it.

So what's your greatest weakness?