Sunday 13 August 2017

Smut Leeds 2017

On Saturday 12th August at 12 noon I arrived at the Live Arts Bistro in Leeds for an afternoon of reading slams and workshops run by the fabulous Victoria Blisse of Smut UK.

After a quick turn on the Erotic Tombola and socialising with fellow erotic romance writers, including Kryssie Fortune, Jennifer Denys, Janine Ashbless, Gilly and Zak Jane Keir, we went straight into the first workshop, "What Author Shape Are You?" Jennifer Denys led us through a ticksheet geared towards finding out our author style before splitting us into groups according to our author shape (apparently I am a rectangle) and setting us the task of finishing J.K. Rowling's latest novel.

Next came the first reading slam. Victoria Blisse, Kryssie Fortune and Anna Sky treated us to five minutes each from their novels while Stephanie Robb stood by with the paddle to punish - or reward - anyone who went over their time. This led to at least one writer being pursued across the stage, paddle aloft!

After a brief break we reconvened for the second workshop, "Using Random Factors". Zak Jane Keir had us roll dice to choose character traits for two protagonists, a setting and a random twist to throw in when we got stuck. I managed to get a brief outline for a potential story which will go on my list for later in the year.

We then moved on to the second reading slam. Victoria Blisse, Jennifer Denys, Zak Jane Keir and Ashley Lister treated us to more five-minute excerpts and, in Ashley's case, two poems, one about a woman who shoplifts using her vagina and one about Vagisil, the medicated cream. Needless to say, the room was in stitches.

Stephanie Robb then laid down the paddle and picked up the ropes, chains and bondage tape to give us a demonstration on Hogties and Rope. 

Using a willing (!) volunteer she led us through the safe usage of hogties, tape and Japanese rope bondage, much of which I think I'd be terrified to try myself but I took notes for future writing purposes...

I had to leave at that point so wasn't able to join in with the Smutty Crafting, but thanks to Victoria and Kev Blisse for a great afternoon - I'll definitely be coming to more!

Monday 7 August 2017

Smut Leeds 2017 – A celebration of Smut Writing.

 Smut Events are fun, safe, inclusive days out when our community of Erotica writers, sex bloggers, talented performers, consensual sluts, geeks & those that love them get together to socialize, exchange ideas and inspire one another.
Live Art Bistro is a voluntarily run artist led venue based in Leeds with a common goal to support the growth of Live Art practices in the region by providing space and opportunities to local artists, whilst also encouraging artists from further afield to present work in the city.
  • Jennifer Denys asks “What author shape are you?” and takes you through this fun personality quiz to help you learn more about yourself as an author and find others who have similar writing styles.
  • Zak Jane Keir on “Using Random Factors” she’ll be suggests ways of reviving a stuck plot or generating a story when you can’t think what to write about. This Interactive workshop features dice, playing cards and quite possibly a few spanking implements…
  • Victoria & Kev Blisse with Smutty Crafting helping you make a naughty little something to take home with you.
  • Stephanie Robb is bringing a bag of goodies to tease and inspire us. She will be demonstrating Japanese bondage techniques, restraints and her famous hog ties. Be warned she will require willing and unwilling volunteers.
Reading Slammers
12:00pm DOORS OPEN
12.30pm Intro by Victoria Blisse
12.45pm Jennifer Denys – What author shape are you?
 1.45pm Reading slam #1 – Victoria Blisse, Anna Sky, Gilly, Kryssie Fortune
 2.00pm BREAK
 2.30pm Zak Jane Keir – Using Random Factors
 3.30pm Reading Slam #2 – Ashley Lister, Jennifer Denys, Zak Jane Keir, Victoria Blisse
 4.15pm Stephannie Robb – Hogties & Rope Demo
 5.00pm BREAK
 5.15pm Victoria and Kev Blisse – Smutty Crafting
 5.55pm So long, and thanks for all the Smut!

  • Sensei will be on hand selling Handcrafted Toys for the discerning Kinkser.
  • Erin Pheobe will be selling and demonstrating some fantastic items from Ann Summers.
  • Nippleicious will be joining us and selling a whole range of fabulous non-piercing nipple charms.
  • The World Famous Erotic Tombola will be offering some truly sensational prizes from Uber Kinky, Sex, System Jo, Sh Womenstore and more!  

And every attendee will receive a goody bag filled with sexy delights from Smut.UK, Victoria Blisse Your Dirty Secret and

Tickets are available now for the smuttiest event of the summer!