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Tuesday 20 February 2024

Pets I used to have - and COVER REVEAL

 Much as I like this topic from Long and Short Reviews, I'm a bit limited when it comes to photos. I had a lot of fish as a child, mostly shubunkins - I had one named Flipper who lived for five years. However, the only previous pet I have photos of is my dearly-departed cat Tigger.

Tigger had two goals in life - to eat, and to sit in boxes. Since my husband loves to buy trainers, there was rarely a time that Tigger didn't have a box to sit in. As for eating, dinner was always a struggle since he would fight you for every mouthful. It did, however, make getting him to do things (like stay in the kitchen when I was leaving for work, for instance - he liked to run outside and go under my car) much easier, since all I had to do was put some treats down and he'd be on them straight away.

And while I'm here, I have a new cover to reveal...

She ran away from her life – straight into his arms.

Photography graduate Starla Brower has always regretted not running away from her abusive home when she had the chance, as her older sisters did—especially her sister Electra, who fled with band Torque Converter six months ago. So when she decides to hitchhike away, she’s shocked to find Electra has arranged for the band to pick her up. And when lead singer Valen Lesellane rescues her from a gang of thugs by announcing she’s his fiancĂ©e, Starla goes along with it. Why not?

The band’s manager, Mike, is furious at this turn of events and the press attention it receives, but Starla finds Valen’s impulsiveness to be infectious and his touch to be irresistible. Before long she has regained contact with her other sisters and finds herself finally able to be happy, both with Valen and with her family.

But with her parents pursuing her and Mike fiercely against her relationship with Valen, can their unexpected engagement last beyond the bus tour?

It's on pre-order now from Totally Bound, and I hope everyone enjoys it!