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Tuesday 22 September 2020

Favourite things to do in the autumn

 Another topic which is heavily affected by coronavirus, sadly, as we yet again are under tight restrictions. So much of what I enjoy doing has been curtailed this year by either my own illness or the world at large. So what do I enjoy doing in the autumn?

While there's still some daylight, I enjoy going for walks in the evening. This is less likely at the moment as I'm in recovery, but we try to get a short walk just to get out in the air. What is more likely is my husband's favourite hobby - taking night shots with his camera. We drive out to remote areas which aren't affected by street lights and take photos of the night sky. We even got a shooting star once.

The other things I used to like in autumn were going out to dinner and the cinema. I don't fancy watching a film in a steamed-up mask but we can, at the moment, still eat out if we're careful. In fact, health permitting, we're planning to visit one of our favourite restaurants this weekend as a belated birthday celebration for me. Here's hoping the rules won't have changed by then.

So what do you like to do in the autumn?

Tuesday 8 September 2020

Topics I never get tired of talking about

 So what topics do I never get tired of talking about? This was an interesting one, because frankly I'm not much of a talker in public, so it's not always easy to get me onto a topic I'll open up on.

The first is probably tattoos.

My friends are fairly evenly split on tattoos - I have eight of them, all easily covered, and half my friends disapprove while the others think they're great. Personally, I find tattoos addictive. As soon as we're fully out of lockdown I have at least three more planned. They'll all be fairly small, though - I have a back piece which took four and a half hours and I refuse to do that again.

The second - Richard III and Henry VIII.

I am a closet Ricardian and have also always been fascinated by Henry VIII. I recently read a book about the possibility of Henry having a Kell positive blood type, which would explain his own illnesses and his inability to father living children - a great theory, even though we'll never be able to test it.

Then we have my favourite music.

I love rock, particularly The Darkness and Queen. I'm deeply missing being able to see live music at the moment, but then aren't we all? These two bands in particular have a great way of filling the stage and exciting the crowd, which may sound obvious but the extremely dull Motley Crue gig I once went to would suggest it isn't.

And last of all - horror films.

I subscribe to the streaming service Shudder which is full of great horror films and, needless to say, has been very helpful during lockdown. If you like horror at all I strongly recommend it. Just having the three "Hell House LLC" films has made it worth the subscription in my book.

So what do you never get tired of talking about?