Monday 8 April 2013

H is for Horror Movies

I love movies, and specifically I love horror movies.

Why do we love to be scared, I wonder? Is it because we want the excitement without the danger? Horror movies give us a chance to get an adrenalin rush without putting ourselves in jeopardy. You know that at any time you can just close your eyes and the danger is gone, and when you walk out of the cinema or switch off the blu-ray player it’s all over.

I think I’m a little jaded when it comes to horror, to be honest. When a new film is advertised as being “mind-meltingly scary” or “the most terrifying thing you will ever experience” I find myself thinking “Yeah? Bring it on.” It’s pretty hard to find a decent horror film these days. Slasher films do nothing for me, and I can’t be doing with torture porn. J-horror is usually good for a scare, but other than that…

Although “Sinister” was a good one. That moment on the computer screen sent a chill down my spine. And while I’m not usually a fan of exorcism movies, I did enjoy “The Possession”. I’ve never seen a film about a dybbuk box before, or a possession done in quite such a physical way.

I’ll definitely be seeing “Dark Skies” and the remake of “Evil Dead” this month.

What are your favourite scary movies?

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  1. I agree.There are just not enough good horror movies anymore. I have seen so many, I don't easily scare anymore. I ,like you, enjoyed Sinister. It was different-and it actually made me jump!

    My all time favorite will always be John Carpenter's original Halloween. Carpenter pretty much invented the "slasher" genre. He is STILL The Master IMO.