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Tuesday, 30 May 2023

Someplace I'd Love To Visit Someday

 This topic from Long and Short Reviews took a bit of consideration, because I love to travel (or rather I love visiting new places - I hate the getting there part, I'm a terrible flyer) and there are still many places I would love to see. Realistically I'm not great in extreme heat or humidity so if we're looking for somewhere perfect it would have to be within Europe - much as I would love to see Mauritius, I think I'd collapse after a day.

So I eventually settled on Venice in Italy.

I've been to Rome and the Amalfi Coast, but would love to visit Venice. It's probably not going to happen because my husband thinks the place is an open sewer. But to me it feels like an extended version of Amsterdam with all the canals, and it's always felt romantic to me. I'd love to give it a try, even for a long weekend.

So where would you love to visit someday?

Sunday, 28 May 2023

I'm With The Band - blog tour upcoming!

 My blog tour for "I'm With The Band" starts on May 30th, with great thanks to Goddess Fish Promotions for putting it together.

My tour will be stopping at:

May 30: Archaeolibrarian - I Dig Good Books!
May 30: Words of Wisdom from The Scarf Princess
June 6: Sandra's Book Club
June 6: Travel the Ages
June 13: Country Mamas With Kids
June 13: Maggie Blackbird
June 20: Beverley A Baird
June 20: Lynn's Romance Enthusiasm

I'm very much looking forward to it, and I'll be awarding a $10 Amazon or Barnes and Noble gift card to a randomly drawn winner via Rafflecopter, so make sure you enter to win!

Tuesday, 23 May 2023

Favourite YouTube video

 I'm now back from my holiday and found this topic from Long and Short Reviews to be very interesting. I watch a lot of YouTube and follow a lot of different channels, including CinemaSins, Jay Exci, FoundFlix and The Birdman, plus a lot of others on film in general.

My favourite video at the moment is this one from Your Movie Sucks: Oldboy

Your Move Sucks do some great videos on good and terrible films alike, and this one is a direct comparison between the original "Oldboy" and the American remake. I've seen both and considered the original to be the best by far - much as I love Elizabeth Olsen, the remake has a tendency to copy scenes from the original without understanding the context, and as a result they make very little sense.

It's also an hour and a half long, so plenty to get your teeth into.

So what's your favourite YouTube video?

Monday, 8 May 2023

I'm With The Band - on sale now!

 My new release "I'm With The Band", the third in the Rock My World series, is now on general release!

His only regret was letting her go.

When filmmaker Tawny Michaels is asked to make a documentary about recently re-formed band Greycomet, she already knows who she’ll have to face – her ex-boyfriend Marsh Kilmer, lead singer of the band. In the ten years they’ve been apart Tawny has been happy with nothing but flings, choosing to avoid relationships, but Marsh’s only regret is losing her – and he’s determined to win her back, no matter what.

Knowing the production company is in the financial hole and finding herself still attracted to Marsh, Tawny decides to go along for the ride, but their passionate reunion hits trouble when the documentary attracts a stalker who has been relentlessly chasing the band. Tawny finds herself hiding out with Marsh, fighting to keep her business afloat while keeping herself safe – but soon realises her safety is the last thing on her mind. Can she forgive Marsh the past and trust him with her heart?


Totally Bound:

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Tuesday, 25 April 2023

Films to watch when you're having a bad day

 This topic from Long and Short Reviews was surprisingly easy, as I had a bad day a few weeks back and immediately turned to one of my favourite films to lift my mood. 

I'm not normally a comedy film lover. I don't find a lot of them funny as I'm not into gross-out, public humiliation, romcoms or watching straitlaced people being slowly driven out of their mind, which covers a lot of them. However, my absolute favourite comedy film is Blazing Saddles.

Blazing Saddles is non-stop humour, brilliantly scripted and has a great performance by Gene Wilder, who was one of my all-time favourite actors. I could watch it any day of the week, but it's perfect when you're in a bad mood and need to let off some steam.

So what film do you watch when you're having a bad day?

Monday, 17 April 2023

A piece of advice I'll always remember - and COVER REVEAL

 While considering this topic from Long and Short Reviews I came up with an answer quite unexpectedly. It was something said to me when I was a teenager and I've said it to other people since, even though for the life of me I can't remember where I heard it from.

The last time I said it, in fact, was when my husband made a comment about how all my ex-boyfriends were weird. (Which is true enough - my husband is the only man my father ever liked. He definitely thought all my exes were weird.) He was wondering, in that way of his, how I had managed to land a man such as himself when I apparently had such strange taste in men.

My response? "You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince."

I can remember being cheered by this after breaking up with my second ex back in sixth form, since it amused me to think of him as just another frog. And it was decent advice, too, although luckily I didn't have to kiss many more frogs before I met my prince.

So what piece of advice will you always remember?

And while I'm here, I'd just like to reveal my new cover:

He wants her. She wants him – but she’s going to make it hard for him.

Vlogger Angel Metzler likes to create content on her two favourite things – rock music and classic cars. So when lead guitarist Judah Kallam approaches her at a car show and asks her to do some promotion work for him, she accepts – and when she notices someone filming them as he’s flirting with her, she kisses him, hoping this will result in good publicity.

Judah tells her he plans to quit his band Vegas Dreams to go solo and is happy to get any publicity he can by any means necessary. Irresistibly drawn to him, Angel agrees to make public appearances with him, but knows it will go no further – she has made a private vow never to date musicians, having been let down by too many in the past.

But when the press attention grows too much to handle, Angel and Judah are thrown closer together and the heat growing between them tempts Angel to break her vow – but will Judah still be interested when the promotion is done, or is she just a groupie to him?

Sunday, 2 April 2023

Sports I've tried and what I thought of them

 Looking at this topic from Long and Short Reviews, my first thought was "None."

Okay, maybe that's not accurate. I am categorically not a sporty person, and spent most of my high school years trying to avoid doing PE. I'm surprised I didn't get sent to the nurse for the number of times I got out of swimming by claiming I was menstruating or had an ear infection. As far as I'm concerned, swimming is what you do when you fall in. The only one I wanted to try was tennis, and somehow our class never got to do that one.

However, when I was a little older I got into dangerous sports. I've bungee-jumped and I've also skydived. Much more up my street.

I don't know if I'd bungee-jump again - it was a lot of hassle for ten seconds of bouncing around - but I did enjoy skydiving. There is nothing quite like floating down to the ground from a great height, and few things more beautiful than seeing another parachute in the air with you. It is, however, an expensive hobby, and I ended up quitting for that reason, though I would certainly think about doing it again.

So how do you feel about sports?