Monday 17 April 2023

A piece of advice I'll always remember - and COVER REVEAL

 While considering this topic from Long and Short Reviews I came up with an answer quite unexpectedly. It was something said to me when I was a teenager and I've said it to other people since, even though for the life of me I can't remember where I heard it from.

The last time I said it, in fact, was when my husband made a comment about how all my ex-boyfriends were weird. (Which is true enough - my husband is the only man my father ever liked. He definitely thought all my exes were weird.) He was wondering, in that way of his, how I had managed to land a man such as himself when I apparently had such strange taste in men.

My response? "You've got to kiss a few frogs before you find your prince."

I can remember being cheered by this after breaking up with my second ex back in sixth form, since it amused me to think of him as just another frog. And it was decent advice, too, although luckily I didn't have to kiss many more frogs before I met my prince.

So what piece of advice will you always remember?

And while I'm here, I'd just like to reveal my new cover:

He wants her. She wants him – but she’s going to make it hard for him.

Vlogger Angel Metzler likes to create content on her two favourite things – rock music and classic cars. So when lead guitarist Judah Kallam approaches her at a car show and asks her to do some promotion work for him, she accepts – and when she notices someone filming them as he’s flirting with her, she kisses him, hoping this will result in good publicity.

Judah tells her he plans to quit his band Vegas Dreams to go solo and is happy to get any publicity he can by any means necessary. Irresistibly drawn to him, Angel agrees to make public appearances with him, but knows it will go no further – she has made a private vow never to date musicians, having been let down by too many in the past.

But when the press attention grows too much to handle, Angel and Judah are thrown closer together and the heat growing between them tempts Angel to break her vow – but will Judah still be interested when the promotion is done, or is she just a groupie to him?


  1. Haha! Great advice! and very true. I think many of us go through the 'frog kissing' phase.

  2. That’s very good advice.


    1. I just wish I could remember where I heard it from :)

  3. Replies
    1. And a lot of frogs around when you're that age :)

  4. Yep. Solid advice -- even though I know I've been a frog a few times in my life!