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Monday, 28 March 2022

What mythological animal I'd want as a pet

 I skipped last weeks' Long and Short Reviews topic as I don't listen to podcasts, but this one interested me. I've always liked the idea of having an unusual pet. Growing up I had fish, which were pretty but not especially entertaining, and now I have cats whose primary function is making a mess.

So for a mythological creature, I like the idea of a unicorn. Let's face it, it's basically a horse with a horn, so shouldn't be that complicated to take care of. I used to help a friend with her horse as a child and it was fairly straightforward, although probably expensive. If I was really lucky I'd like one crossbred with a pegasus so I could go flying on its back whenever the mood took me.

Since that's never going to happen, I'm going to put in a mention of one of my favourite Instagram animals, Alfie the Alpaca in Adelaide, because he is also an animal I would love to have. While you would probably be shocked to see a unicorn in my back garden, would you be any less shocked to see an alpaca?

So what mythological animal would you like?


  1. I'm a long time unicorn lover as well, and I think your idea of a cross is great... unigas? Pegacorn?

  2. Unicorns are beautiful! I’ll bet a pegacorn would be, too.

    And, yes, I would be just as shocked to see an alpaca in your garden. Or anyone’s garden. :D

    1. I love the idea of surprising someone with an alpaca in the garden :)

  3. Let's go all the way with this and get you a winged alpaca with a magical horn! We can do this!

  4. Good choice, I've always like books about unicorns.