Monday, 19 October 2020

My earliest memory

 What is my earliest memory? This was a tricky one, because I have a lot of memories of when I was a child, but trying to place them chronologically wasn't easy. I can never remember exactly how old I was when something happened. So this is a guess, but probably a close one.

My earliest clear memory is of a visit to my great-aunt's farm in Gisburn, Lancashire.

My father decided to take me and a friend to visit her during the sheep-shearing period. Sadly I have no photographs from the visit even though we definitely took some - I can remember one photo of my friend looking awe-struck as she stroked a lamb and another of me holding a chick. But my most vivid memory is of the various farmhands holding onto the sheep as they sheared them, carefully holding legs in the air as they worked their way round making sure as much as possible was off. 

And then we went and had roast lamb for lunch. The connection was lost on me at the time.

While I'm here, I just had to draw everyone's attention to the fact that it's release day for my new novella Spiritwalker...

Tamar Steele, a successful medium for a paranormal investigative team, should be happy with her life—but life seems to be against her. Her psychic field is being mysteriously blocked, causing her physical pain and, worse, making it more and more difficult for her to come, creating stress in her relationship with long-term boyfriend Jason.

But then, during the filming of a paranormal TV show, Tamar picks up on Leslie, the recently murdered sister of her co-worker Hana—who later tells her the murderer was in the room with them. Knowing the best way to enhance her psychic ability is through sex, Tamar must rekindle her troubled relationship with Jason and rebuild their passion as she fights to solve the murder. Can she find the killer in time?

Spiritwalker is part of the Some Like It Haunted Collection by Totally Bound. Check out the other books in the collection:

And if you do, one of the collection's writers has put together a bingo card for the collection. See how many you can mark off!


  1. That's a wonderful memory. Your story looks interesting too.

  2. Oh, what a fun memory! How many years later did you make the connection between the lamb you ate for dinner and the sheep you saw earlier?

    Congratulations on your new novella.

    1. I'm not sure, but I still eat lamb, so it can't have made much of a difference...

  3. ooh! that looks like a great book! But interesting memory. It's a neat story. I've never seen sheep sheared in person.

    1. Neither had I, at the time. Dad came from a farming family but never did it himself.

  4. Interesting memory. Never been up close to a lamb or sheep, wonder what their fur feels like on the creatures. Congrats on your new release!!! Thanks for sharing. Here's mine.

  5. What does a sheep experience during a nightmare? Shear terror.

    That's a very cool memory - or set of memories - and the book looks like fun, too.

    My answer is here.