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Thursday 23 June 2011

Choreographing the horizontal mambo?

While I was thinking about music and erotica for a guest spot on another blog, it got me thinking about dancing and – more specifically – choreography.

Dancing is intrinsically erotic. One of the scenes in “The Hand He Dealt” focuses on a dance routine between Astra and Sasha designed specifically to drive their respective boyfriends crazy. The effect of swaying hips and flowing hair, the build-up of heat and friction from close body contact and the brush of skin on skin…

Well, it’s essentially sex with your clothes on.

And that’s pretty much how that scene ended.

But then there’s choreography, which applies not only to dancing, but to sex. We’ve all read terrible sex scenes where the movements are described but clearly not planned, where one person changes position between sentences or bends into an impossible contortion or a random hand appears somewhere when all hands are already occupied. So we have to pay attention to the movements.

And that should be easy enough. We’ve all made the beast with two backs.

But when the beast has three backs, as I discovered, all bets are off.

With a ménage scene, everyone has to be doing something. You can’t have one person sitting there with their arms folded while the other two roll around on the satin sheets. (Although you can have one person sitting jerking off while they watch.) And you suddenly have an extra pair of hands and legs to keep an eye on. Not to mention establishing who’s going to ultimately end up where.

So what did I do?

I opened the scene by slipping on a Basement Jaxx CD. Dancing, anyone?


  1. LOL. The biggest problem I've had so far concerns pronoun use... My hat is off to ménage writers!

  2. Yeah, that was a problem too - too many "her"s!