Monday, 9 August 2021

My bad habits

 From a nice easy topic from Long and Short Reviews - meeting my pets - to a more difficult one. My bad habits. I can think of two specific ones, partially because my husband likes to tell me one of them, and partially because I recently did a quiz at work that brought out the other one.

The one that my husband notices? Being untidy. I grew up in a messy house - my mother hated to clean and my father only cared about the garden - so I tend not to see mess and will happily walk past it. Couple this with our two cats who like to leave fur everywhere and carry socks around the house (I suppose it's better than them bringing us dead birds) and it's a nightmare.

The one that work brought out? I hate, absolutely hate, asking for help. I grew out of this a little when I started my current job as it had a very steep learning curve requiring us to ask for help all the time, but now that I'm past that stage, I'm back to hating doing it. It's something I really need to get over because, as I often discovered, if you don't ask for help then people assume you never need it and then when you do need it, nobody knows what to do.

So what are your bad habits?


  1. Asking for help can be a big issue for me, too -- though in my case, it's usually that it means I'd have to interact with people. Ugh.

  2. Socks are definitely better than dead birds. With animals, you never know what they're going to drag around. :-)

    1. I would definitely prefer a sock, even if the house does look like a laundry explosion.