Tuesday, 4 May 2021

Fictional character I'd love to meet and why

 After a break last week due to being away, I've picked up this topic from Long and Short Reviews and, just for a change, I had an idea straight away.

I've been very into reading Kazuo Ishiguro lately. His novels have a contemplative air which somehow draws the reader even when you realise that very little action has taken place. I read "Never Let Me Go" some years ago and "Klara and the Sun" just recently, so after that I took up "The Remains of the Day".

For which reason I've decided that I would like to meet Mr Stevens, the famed butler.

Why? The central point of the novel is that Stevens has dedicated his entire life to serving as a butler, never allowing any time for a personal life, and as he grows old he goes on a journey and starts wanting to enjoy what is left of his days. So I would like to follow Stevens on his journey and introduce him to a few places and life experiences he hasn't known. Frankly, given how limited his life has been, even taking him on a tour of the UK would be an adventure for him.

So which fictional character would you like to meet?


  1. The Remains of the Day. Great book and fantastic movie. That is such a good choice.

  2. I liked "Never Let Me Go."

    Mr. Stevens is a good pick.

  3. I liked Remains of the Day. Mr. Stevens would be fascinating to meet and try to understand.

  4. new to me author and character. Will have to check those out.

  5. Very cool. It's a new to me author. Will have to check these out.