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Sunday 24 July 2011

Nothing to Fear - Tabitha Rayne

Today I'm hosting Tabitha Rayne, whose new paranormal romance Mia's Books is definitely going on my reading list.

Nothing to Fear

Thank you for having me today!

I have always been terrified of anything paranormal. Ghost stories at school camp would have me scurrying off to the bathroom quicker than the storyteller could shine a torch up under their chin. Terrified! The thought of spooky tales around the campfire was enough to put me off camps altogether. Give me some hippies with a beat-up acoustic guitar singing Buddy Holly songs any day.

I remember a particularly scary staircase at the bottom of my garden which, to navigate safely, I had to count to twenty-five and run to the top or bottom, holding my breath. The ritual almost included keeping my eyes shut until a bruised elbow and twisted ankle brought me to my senses! So it came as a huge surprise when an idea for a paranormal romance jumped fully formed into my imagination. Luckily the ghost in Mia’s Books is extremely friendly, perhaps a bit too friendly.

It’s a strange thing, but when I am writing, and I’m sure many writers are the same, the characters and their plights are completely real to me. I am involved with every part of their lives – we live along side each other for the first draft. I laugh with them, cry with them and well… fall in love with them. So I guess my point is, while this is going on, nobody else can see or hear them. They don’t occupy any physical space – so in some odd way, they are like ghosts themselves – until they are brought to life by the reader and their imagination. So really, there’s nothing to fear…


Mia’s Books

Ghost lover or mortal—can Mia have both?

Mia has a big problem. She is in love with two people, and one of them happens to be a ghost. After a late night seduction in a deserted library, Mia brings home a haunted book. The book contains a ghost which instructs her to seduce strangers on its behalf. Mia falls in love with one of her conquests and finds herself in a romantic tangle. Can she keep both her lovers, or will she have to choose?

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Mia’s Books excerpt

The book had changed colors. It was now jet black and lay seductively by the bed. Gently lifting her sheets off, Mia slowly made her way over to it as if she were trying to capture a bird.

Her fingers were trembling. Cold air chilled her hands as she reached out and picked it up. Thick raised letters on the cover gave her instruction. Open Me. And she did.

Rows upon rows of names and numbers merged into each other. It was a phone directory. Mia was disappointed, but curiosity kept her flicking the pages, watching number after number fly by. She was about to close it and just go back to bed when she realized the numbers were all the same and the name wasn’t a name at all—it was another instruction.

Call Me.

Mia flushed with excitement. Was this her ghost lover contacting her for real? She reached for the phone and dialed before she could change her mind.


Mia flopped back onto the bed and let the phone fall by her ear. She began to ponder the fear that she might actually be going mad when a voice startled her.

“Hello?” She thrust the handset to her ear and strained to hear. “Hello?” she repeated, barely able to breathe in her excitement.

“Mia?” came a breathy whisper that set her nerve endings alight.

“Yes?” she whispered back.

“I need to s…” The voice faded, and Mia started to panic.

“What? You need to what? Please...don’t go.”

“...see you.” The sound was so faint that Mia had to strain to catch it. “Meet me at the park at dusk.” The line went dead.

Mia was exhilarated. It hadn’t been a dream. She was going to meet her ghost lover once more! She hadn’t been on a date in ages. Not since the insomnia had made her feel like a grumpy old hag. She suddenly felt young again—young and ready for anything…

About Tabitha Rayne

Tabitha Rayne loves her romance with the heat turned up. She lives in the country with her partner who has the difficult job of having to listen to new ideas and help her to focus on one project at a time.




  1. Thank you for having me today Tanith! Love your blog and good luck with The Hand He Dealt! x x x

  2. Hi Tabitha!

    Great intro! :)

    Congrats on your new release!


  3. Congrats on your new release Tabitha--I'll need to check out this book!! Cheers! Jenn